Sunday, November 06, 2005


Looking for a simple Open Course Ware development tool AND Learning Object Repository? I stumbled on this site recently and thought I would share it on the blog. Developed and maintained by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching (2005). Here is the description provided at their website …

The KEEP toolkit is a set of web-based tools that help teachers, students and institutions quickly create compact and engaging knowledge representations on the Web.

With the KEEP Toolkit, you can:

Select and organize teaching and learning materials to illustrate some of the critical aspects of teaching and student learning.
Prompt analysis and reflection by using templates that provide conceptual frameworks, categories, and guiding prompts/questions.

Transform materials and reflections into visually appealing and intellectually engaging representations that can be easily shared online or in print.

Share ideas for peer-review, assessment, collective knowledge building, and others purposes to advance teaching and learning as a community of practice and reflection.

Simplify the technical tasks and facilitate the evolving intellectual processes involved in knowledge building and sharing.


Reference:Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. (2005). Knowledge Media Laboratory KEEP Toolkit. Retrieved on November 6, 2005 from


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