Monday, July 18, 2005

Examples of Tutorial Videos

For those interested in creating tutorial videos (for anything really) I am including a link to our E-Library resources tutorial here at Troy University. Visit to get to our videos please click on “Interface Design”. You can also see an example of a Microsoft Agent Character on the first page (I talked about Agents in an earlier post to this blog. If you are interested in making videos like these you can check out Macromedia’s Captivate. You can download a free 30 day trial at Recently I attended the American Library Association’s Annual Conference in Chicago in which a Troy University Librarian and myself presented our videos (Project HeLOT – Helpful electronic Library Online Tutorials). It has since been a major subject of most of my emails! Everyone is wanting to know how to do these and how we came up with the idea for them. Check them out!

Michael Bell


Blogger Claire said...

Hi Michael
nice site. I also use streaming media to support my online courses. Some of teh IDOL students may find the instruction on Dreamweaver helpful as well.
There are 3 to 5 gigs of media out there. I'm adding photoshop now.

The tool used is not captivate. Though I'm a huge Macromedia fan, I found Captivate and Robo Demo too labor intensive. I use Camtasio from TechSmith. For those interested there is a free download. You can use it as long as you like. When you purchse the product the watermark is removed.

Anyway nice job.

9:40 AM  
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