Wednesday, June 08, 2005


I know it must seem that I have NO LIFE … but, I am constantly stumbling across these cool tools to try. While reading my daily dose of RSS (I subscribe to about 150 news feeds altogether), I read an interesting article about MoonEdit and thought I would share with my IDOL pals. We are pals, right?

You have heard me praising InstaColl … which I still recommend for 1:1 collaboration projects. However, InstaColl lacks the ummmmph of a program which can allow multiple users to be connected at the same time (like Jybe) BUT MoonEdit allows for multiple user editing and tracking. Specifically, everyone’s changes/contributions are given a different color.

Now, is that awesome or what? So, could it get any better than that? Did I mention it’s FREE and is available in Windows/Linux/FreeBSD(OS X) flavors. As you are thinking of wrapping up your courses and either preparing for the Summer Quarter or looking for a tool to help you as you start working on your Dissertation … Remember MoonEdit.

cost – free
site –



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