Thursday, June 02, 2005

Let's talk MIDOL

I am not talking about ibuprofen (Midol), I am talking about Multi-lingual Instructional Design for Online Learning. Did you know that three countries with the most Internet users are the United States, China, and Japan? Add that fact to the top ten list of common languages and you will realize that we are quickly becoming the ambassadors of diverse media.

One reason that I like this bunch of scholars is that we are proactive! Not that proactive (Proactive Solution), I mean we take the initiative to change the world before being asked.

It is time that we consider the importance, regardless of setting, of being the producers of multi-language instructional design. I strongly encourage everyone to learn a second and even third language. Language is the vehicle through which culture is transmitted. When a language dies, so does the culture that depended on the language for survival.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

im not sure that proactive is the solution. neither is another acne treatment called dinsdale(Dinsdale), so putting that aside - that we cant find a solution - what is the best language to speak apartment from english? japanese?

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