Friday, June 10, 2005

IDOL for Play

I was wondering if anyone has tried this idea out.

In my experience in working with techno-phobic (as compared to techno-philic) faculty, it seems that many do not have the time or the resources to experiment with instructional technology. This has caused me to consider the role that “play” in desensitizing individuals and groups to trying something unfamiliar.

If play is the context where individuals can experiment without the threat of evaluation, then might the need for “technology play therapy” be indicated? What if IDOLers set up “play grounds” or “play rooms” for faculty so that they could experiment with techie toys without worrying about the cost or something getting broke. How many worried about the ball breaking if you threw it too hard? I believe that play is the proper context for learning the limits and the limitations of technology.

The idea of having something different each week could attract the same individuals or appeal to a new set of individuals each week. I will solicit hardware and software companies to contribute their product for us to play with! It sure sounds viable.

I am offering Power Lunch Thursdays where we talk about innovations, but I was thinking I would call this Recess Time. What do y’all think?


p.s., While I am not thinking about doing this for my Dissertation, I am interested in learning what factors contribute to faculty using innovative instructional technologies in their teaching.

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Blogger Suz said...

I like that idea -- calling it Recess Time. It makes it sound relaxing and fun.

9:53 AM  

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