Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The few, the proud ... bloggermania?

I recently asked a fellow learner on the list if they were enjoying the postings to the blog. She mentioned that it was difficult keeping up with all the postings. My response was that everyone else seems to be too busy to post. I just want to share the “cool stuff” that makes my job easier and more exciting!
If your institution is a member of Educause, you can create a personal account and setup a blog. The reason that I mention that here is that in addition to text posting, you can even upload attachments to their server. Do you know what that means? Yeppers, it means PODCASTING for free! I am all for that. Also, at the time of this posting, there were only 67 bloggers in total on their system. Now is your chance to be an early adopter. I have setup a blog … of course … at least for now I am doing some double posting. The best part is that they a) list your posting in the most recent posts section of their site as well as on the default blog home page and b) make your posting fully searchable. If any of you know fellow IDOLer Colleen Carmean (ID @ Arizona State University), you should go check out her blog (


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