Thursday, June 09, 2005

Communities at Furl

Greetings IDOLers:
For those that haven't looked into social bookmarking yet, give Furl a try!
(or de.lic.ious, but I'm having great hits with my Furl shared bookmark community)
Not only is it fast and easy for me to keep all my bookmarks in my Furl Web space (eliminating searching 3 machines and multliple browsers) but the recommendations based on who also bookmarked certain sites has lead me to treasures out there.

Furl site:

ELI take on social bookmarking:
PS to Carlos and David: thanks for carrying the IDOLers along (at the end of a semester!). You guys are great.
PPS to Carlos: I signed up for the Breeze trial. Now if only I could find time to read the free e-learning book ;)

Colleen Carmean
Capella PhD student in IDOL


Blogger David Penrose said...

Now how cool was that? In my classes, the professors usually ask for Web(sources) that relate to the topic and then ask one person to compile them for everyone. This solves that problem.

I can see using Furl (this one is new to me too) as a means of creating Webliographies for classes and training. Thanks for sharing!

1:53 PM  
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