Tuesday, May 17, 2005

eTeaching Day

In reading an article from the Boston College Chronicle (Gawlik, 2005) about today being eTeaching day for Boston College and Northeastern University, I decided to post a note to y'all.

As Instructional Designers (for Online Learning) wouldn't it be awesome if we could all collaborate together to provide an agenda of topics and white papers that be used at our (and others) institutions to promote not just eLearning but eTeaching.

Since Instructional Design Services (Truman State University) are housed at the Center for Teaching and Learning, this is an idea that will be integrated into our program this next academic year.

If there is anyone, like Janet, who is close enough to attend our activities ... I sure want you to feel welcome. Is there anyone out there willing to take this project on?

Gawlik, Steven. (2005, May 12). University to Host ‘eTeaching Day’ May 19. The Boston College Chronicle. 13(17)



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