Sunday, May 15, 2005

Blog (RSS) -to- MP3

OK, now this is kool … if you liked Golda’s demonstration of TextAloud you will certainly love this. From the same makers NextUp, this little utility called News Aloud provides you with a solution to create MP3 files from news items posted in RSS/XML feeds … this means blogs.

When you add AT&T Natural Voices to the mix, you get a pretty good quality simulated recording. When talking to clients about the educational use of RSS remember to suggest that they provide a recorded version of the news for listeners who may have accessibility concerns. While technically considered podcasting, it would lack the more personal and realistic effect of hearing the author recording their own message. Still a good utility.

Of course this could also be solved if everyone podcast, but some people don’t like their voice … this is a more acceptable solution.

cost - free to try/$19.95
site -


[ click here ] to hear NewsAloud
[ click here ] to hear my podcast of this story


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